The Plays of Joe Starzyk


An hilarious farce about a young couple who marry after a whirlwind romance. As the respective in-laws gather for the first time, they are unaware that the couple is already married. Once they gather the couple slowly begins to find out that their families have secrets too. Gradually the secrets get exposed with the help of a priest, an Irish revolutionary, a lounge singer, the Phantom of the Opera, menopause and several ties.

Is a drama about four estranged siblings gathering for the reading of their emotionally distant father's will. As the siblings interact old patterns and dysfunctions reestablish themselves. Images from their past reignite old wounds as they try to make sense of their lives.

An existentialist comedy that examines the meaning of existence, perception vs. reality and what is the meaning of truth. A therapist goes to do a weekend workshop at a spa, but what he finds is totally unexpected. All his patients are fictional or are they. Once we meet them it is clear that their stories may not be all that they seem.

A campy spoof of Agatha Christie. Lord Winthrop call all his heirs to his country estate. Once there the schemes and secrets culminate in Lord Winthrop's death. Or do they?
The laughter ensues as this rocket-paced whodunit spins out of control. By the end you're left to ask "Who didn't do it?"

A bittersweet dramedy about four older couples. We see their lives separately as men and women, and jointly as couples. We see how each sex reacts differently to the aging process as they deal with love, loss, sex, intimacy and loneliness.

A look at a novice director's attempt to do an avant garde version of that Scottish play. As the cast begins to revolt, he concedes and agrees to do a more traditional version. But first he utters the unthinkable (that name). This sets the curse in motion. Once the traditional production starts it is invaded with ghosts of Shakespeare past. The audience believes it is meant to be a comedy and herein lies the rub. Tremendous parodies of theater folk, Shakespeare and the Three Stooges highlight this winning comedy.

"The Lawyer's Closet"
Two lawyers up for partnership are asked to attend a partner's weekend retreat. They face tough choices when asked to bring their significant others. The firm is very conservative and the two lawyers are gay. Siri and Seth must come to grips with the choices they had been making and think carefully about the ones they are about to make.

"It's A Grand Night For Murder"
The premise is simple: An older man wants to kill his wife to be with his younger mistress. The complications arise when he tries to act on this impulse. His erstwhile hit man, Ginger Baer (but pronounced Beer) is a former asst. manager at Red Lobster. He mistakenly wins the heart of a man in a bar, Ramon and then takes him into his confidence. Ramon brings Dinsmore along for help and no one knows what to make of the delightfully creepy Cablewoman. The end is full of dark surprises and of course love conquers all.
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