11/2013      Another Day in Paradise    Production       Provincetown Theatre-MA
10/2013       When Irish Eyes Are Flirting          Production        Sand Lake Center. NY
10/2013        Instant Harmony                          Production         Warner Theatre, CT
9-10/2013    Wedding Secrets                          Production         West Coast Players -FL
9/2013         3 one acts                                      Production         Soul Rebel Troupe-NY
7/2013         When Irish Eyes Are Flirting         Production         West Coast Players Theatre-FL
6/2013         Bingo-The Last True Blood Sport Production         M.T. Pockets Theatre-WV
6/2013         Vatican 3G                                    Production         Mirror Theatre-CA
6/2013         2 one acts                                      Reading              First Stage - CA
5/2013         The Book Group                            Production         Love Creek Productions - NY
5-6/2013     Wedding Secrets                           Production         Midland Community Theatre-TX
4/2013     Seasons Change                       Reading Homemade Theatre-NY
3/2013     Wedding Secrets               Reading West Coast Players-FL
3/2103    Another Day in Paradise               Reading Theatre Southwest-TX
3/2013     Vatican 3G               Production    Snowdance Festival-WI
2/2013        Instant Harmony                             Production         Paw Paw Village Players-MI
2/2013        Irish Eyes, Vatican 3G                    Production         Meadville Arts-Meadville, PA
12/2012      When Irish Eyes are Flirting            Production         Napa Valley Players-Napa,CA
11/2012      4 One Acts                                       Production         Arts Center-Troy, NY
7/2012        Instant Harmony                             Production         Theater Southwest-Houston,TX
7/2012     Instant Harmony                             Production       Driftwood Players-Edmonds,WA
6/2012     Instant Harmony Production        West Coast Players- Tampa, FL    6/2012       Murder at Weatherfield                Production         Sand Lake Center, NY
5/2012         Three Short Plays                            Reading              Harmony House- Cohoes, NY
5/2012         When Irish Eyes Are Flirting           Reading              Troy NIght Out 4/2012        "Instant Harmony"              Staged Reading     Troy Night Out- Dauchy Bldg.
4/2012        Three Short Plays                Staged Reading     Harmony House-Cohoes,NY
04/2012       "The Curse of Macbeth"   Staged Reading     Provincetown Theater-MA
02/2012       "Seasons Change"             Staged Reading     Arts Center- Troy, NY
01/2012       "Vatican 3G"                     Staged Reading     Troy Night Out- Troy,NY
12/2011       "Santa's Stimulus"               Production            Celebrationworks-CA & Mexico
12/2011       "A Wonderful Life-Really"   Staged Reading     Victorian Stroll-Troy, NY
11/2011       "Vatican 3G"                     Production               South St Th. - Spring Lake,NJ
11/2011       "Wedding Secrets"            Production               Arts Center-Troy,NY
07/2011       "Santa's Stimulus"               Production              West Coast Players-Tampa, FL
07/2011       "Vatican 3G"                     Production              Weathervane Th.-Akron OH
06/2011       "A Wonderful Life-Really"   Staged Reading    Beaufort One Acts-SC
 06/2011       "Vatican 3G"                    Staged Reading     Darien Library- Darien, NY
05/2011      "Six One Acts"                     Production              Averill Park HS- Averill Park, NY
02/2011      "Once Upon A LIfe"            Staged Reading     Provincetown Theater- MA
02/2011      "A Wonderful Life-Really"    Production              Paw Paw Village Players- MI
02/2011      "Seasons Change"              Staged Reading     Provincetown Theater,-MA
11/2010      "A Wonderful Life- Really"   Production               Provincetown Theater- MA
09/2010      "A Wonderful Life-Really"    Production               Aery Theater- Garrison, NY
06/2010      "Wedding Secrets"              Scenes                    Darien Library- Darien, CT
02/2010      "Wedding Secrets"             Staged Reading      Villagers Theater, Somerset, NJ
12/2009      "Professor Roth's Will"          Production             Sand Lake Center- NY
05/2009      "Once Upon A Life"            Staged Reading      Averill Park HS- Averill Park, NY
09/2008      "Wedding Secrets"             Production               Arts Center - Troy, NY
   The Plays of Joe Starzyk

Previous Productions

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